Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Union County College & Others in the Hot Seat

Right now ugly things are happening not only at Union County College but also all around NJ as well as throughout all universities in Higher Education. 

It has not been an easy time for faculty or shared governance, but especially for adjunct faculty, who are suffering dire retaliation when they struggle to gain rights for fellow workers. As adjunct faculty, then, we should be putting pressure on our union representatives at @AFT and elsewhere.

Write to everyone, share these articles and links on your own networks, email listservs and social media. Pressure all you know.

Dr. Margaret 
McMenamin will get bent out of shape because if too many articles come out about malfeasance at her university, and these links become shared and shared again ad infinitum, she loses control. Therefore, we need to let her know she does NOT have the control she thinks she does! 

Thank you, Vanessa Vaile, for getting this list together.

So let Dr. 
McMenamin know she does not live in a bubble… Please SHARE, and thank you! 

United Adjunct Faculty of New Jersey Local 2222 | Stateweb

UCC Chapter of United Adjunct Faculty on NJ

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ayotzinapa, October 14-31, 2015: 16 links

For the Day of the Dead, a small present from my good friend and colleague, Vanessa Vaile, to all of us. Read and keep on learning how governments are callous, if nothing else, and how they are complicit in everything that has happened, and is happening, to all the forcibly disappeared peoples crossing borders, looking for a better life, away from violence, corruption, crime.

Ayotzinapa, October 14-31, 2015: 16 links