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All You Want To Know About Ayotzinapa & the Caravana 43!

I decided to collect articles and videos from Dallas as the Caravana 43 contingent from Ayotzinapa came through our city. 

Trying to place them all together in one place for easy access, my colleague Vanessa Vaile from Precarious Faculty -- an invaluable educator and friend -- helped me incredulously in getting this huge list together. 

Vanessa Vaile & me
But I am sure there are a lot more articles and other telling bits of information. 

Please let me know what they are: post them here, add to our growing list, so that we have a repository for the great activism and awareness we so need to achieve -- the movement we are trying to bring forth -- so that everyone becomes aware that the disappearance of 43 students is now much more than these 43 students. It marks the disappearance of these 43 plus 25 thousand more. And with them, it also recognizes that over 100,000 have been lost to the horror of drug-related violence and crime. 

But what is worst is that this travesty is condoned, accepted, even propagated by those in power. 

This movement, Ayotzinapa with the Caravana 43, concerns the insolence of a government that made the mistake to think that its people -- because they were poor -- could be bought

What this government did not bother to think about, too late of course, is that when they decided to go against the Escuela Normal Rural Raúl Isidro Burgos (better known as the Escuela Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa), they were striking out against a school seeded in revolutionary thought. 

At this point, the students of Ayotzinapa have made their mark in the world; the disappeared normalistas have sprouted seeds and the 43 have become millions. 

It is up to us, however, to continue to spread these seeds, because through our education, through our teaching, we can germinate the world with hope. 

Omar García speaks out in Dallas on Friday, March 27th, a very rainy day until he began. Then the rains stopped and the world seemed to listen... María Jesus de Tlatempa looks to the heavens beside him: is someone listening?

Visit reveals lack of awareness in U.S. about missing Mexican students

@James_Barragan presents good article in spite of dearth of media attention to Ayotzinapa & Caravana43 in US
Caravana 43 cruza el Metroplex Dallas/Fort Worth

Lo de Ayotzinapa no es un caso aislado, y no sólo son 43, son más de 100,000 los desaparecidos en el Sur, es la corrupción en la política y donde los militares y políticos tiene el control y no dejan que la gente avance”.
Llega el clamor de los padres de los 43 estudiantes de Ayotzinapa a Dallas

La visita al Metroplex de este contingente es parte de una gira nacional en la cual miembros de la caravana hablarán en más de 40 ciudades de los Estados Unidos en iglesias, universidades, organizaciones comunitarias y sindicatos sobre los acontecimientos del 26 de septiembre de 2014, cuando se presume que la policía y narcotraficantes mataron a seis, hirieron a 25, y desaparecieron forzadamente a 43 estudiantes de La Escuela Normal Rural Raúl Isidro Burgos en Ayotzinapa.”
Itinerarario de la Caravana 43 por Dallas.

"Ellos tienen mucho que decir a la comunidad internacional radicada en el Norte de Texas y el resto de Estados Unidos; principalmente hablaran sobre la descomposición social, la corrupción política y la creciente inseguridad en la que se debate México".
Dallas recibe este 20 de marzo la caravana por los 43 normalistas de Ayotzinapa

La caravana que arribará a Dallas el próximo 20 de marzo, permanecerá por tres días en los que se realizaran diversas actividades informativas, artísticas y culturales, que buscan sensibilizar a la comunidad internacional sobre diversas problemáticas políticas y sociales que afectan a México. El epicentro de la congregación en el Norte de Texas es el puente Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, emblemático escenario de múltiples movilización en favor de los derechos civiles.
Caravana43: Ayotzinapa to USA

The main aim is to provide an international forum for the parents who have lost their children in a government of systemic violence and impunity. Another important goal of the caravana is to shed light on US foreign policy, specifically the Merida Initiative and its connection to socioeconomic conditions and violence in Mexico. – #Caravana43”
Mexican group, visiting Dallas, demands answers on 43 missing students

Allegations of corruption, police abuse, cartel violence and mishandling of the investigation by Mexico’s president dominate protests and vigils. The protest slogan “You took them alive; alive we want them back” makes it difficult for government leaders to put the kidnappings behind them.
Tlatempa Bello, a homemaker, doesn’t believe her son is dead.
He is alive,” she said. “All of them are alive.”
Invitation to Ayotzinapa Caravana43 Dallas Press Conference

Dallas for Ayotzinapa Coalition would like to formally invite you to meet with representatives of the Ayotzinapa community: students, parents, relatives, and advocates from Mexico
Parents of 43 Mexican Kidnapping Victims Speak
Schedule of events for Caravana43 during their stay in DFW metroplex
UNT Dallas Dallas4Ayotzinapa Forum

Although 43 lives were lost, it is much more than that. There are over 25 thousand disappeared, over 100 thousand murdered because of drug-related crimes and violence. And it includes much more than Mexico, although Mexico is central to this case. It includes all disenfranchised people, all marginalized poor, all people who have no power.”
Piden manifestantes no olvidar a los 43 de Ayotzinapa

"Pero los padres y activistas afirman no creer versiones del gobierno hasta que este presente a los desaparecidos o sus cuerpos.
Activistas en ambos lados de la frontera respaldan las preocupaciones de los familiares de los estudiantes.
No solo son los 43, sino los 5,000, los 25,000, los 100,000 que están desaparecidos, y no solamente en México”, dijo Ana Fores Tamayo con la organización de maestros Adjunct Justice."
Ayotzinapa Families Bring Their Struggle to the U.S.

March 26th will mark six months since the students forcibly disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero in September. This atrocious attack set off a crisis that now pits Mexico's ruling elites against a powerful justice movement that directly questions their legitimacy.
Ayotzinapa 43 Caravan Information
17th March, 2015
Is social media fuelling a Mexican Spring?

But all of his hashtags seem to mobilise righteous anger against the government, and particularly President Enrique Pena Nieto, for all of Mexico's complex problems.
I ask him: is he peddling a simplified solution to people desperate to reduce violence in their country?

Making sure everything is ready for the Press Conference on Sunday


Democracy Now 
October 15, 2014

Dallas for Ayotzinapa

Ayotzinapa Somos Todos From Dallas to All

"La Caravana43 USA en dallas texas" 03/20/15

La Caravana 43 se reúne con legisladores de Dallas

Watch Caravana 43 Events LIVE from Kansas City

Caravan 43 comes to the US
March 23, 2015, Jonathan Martin reports
The traveling van honors the 43 college students who disappeared in Mexico six months ago.

Omar & María de Jesus with two members of our Dallas for Ayotzinapa Coalition, saying goodbye

¡La caravana en route! 

HOY DALLAS: Sobrevivimos porque ya no cupimos en las patrullas", estudiante de Ayotzinapa 
Christy Thornton on Twitter: "Join us Weds 3/18 to welcome #Ayotzinapa parents' rep to NYC to kick off #Caravana43:
Caravana43: Ayotzinapa to USA | 
Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, It Didn't Work in Afghanistan, So Let's Do It in Mexico | TomDispatch It Didn't Work in Afghanistan, So Let's Do It in Mexico

¡La caravana viene!

María de Jesus giving an interview to Univision 

La caravana's travelling! 

On March 26, 6 months after the students' disappearance, we stand together at the Puente Blanco in Dallas. Every 26th at 7 pm, we will stand firm, together, until we know.
"Alive they were taken; alive we want them back."
Vivos se los llevaron; vivos los queremos. 

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  1. Wow! A links lollapalooza. It came out well. I just shared it on my G+ stream too. PS I have earlier links about the history of the rural Normalistaschools and the Ayotzinapa in particular.

    We must not let our colleagues forget that this massacre is government sanctioned violence against educators questioning the system. No matter how set they are on dismissing this as irrelevant, if only for that point alone, they dare not.