Sunday, March 8, 2015

USA Welcomes Caravana43: Todos Somos Ayotzinapa!

I want to let you all know that finally the Caravana 43 will enter the USA with the parents and students of the disappeared normalistas of Ayotzinapa.

They will be crossing the border on Thursday, March 19th, and then they will break off into three contingents to drive through the country.

For WestCoast‬ friends interested in Caravana43‬, these will be cities Ayotzinapa‬ contingent‬ will be touring in west!

I will place these maps here altogether, so that if you are in any of these cities, you will seek these places out, check out where they are holding events, and go to them, so you become aware.

Caravana43‬ will be coming soon! These are the cities they will be touring from tthe central region: check them out!

It is our duty to know what we are doing not only to our students here in the United States, but also to the world at large. When the world forgets about the higher truths, and only thinks about itself and the power it can hold, it leads only to corruption and violence.

On December 2nd, Omar GarcĂ­a told us during our first livestream, "They are after not only our education. They will destroy all sectors of society."

We need to listen! 

Ayotzinapa‬ families will visit these cities in the Atlantic‬ region!

I have talked about the countless deaths in Mexico, the thousands of disappeared, kidnapped, mutilated. They are not only from Mexico, however. They also belong to the migrants traveling north who are displaced, because the corrupt are seeking power by any means necessary.

They do not care whom they hurt.

We are all complicit if we do nothing, if we learn nothing of our neighbors.

So we need to become aware.

We cannot close down our borders. We are not an unfeeling people. We need to open our hearts, our minds.

Besos, not Borders
Ana M. Fores Tamayo, Adjunct Justice

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