Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ayotzinapa's Caravana 43 USA: Calendar of Events

Our Dallas For Ayotzinapa T-shirt,
representing the central region: always fighting, ¡en pie de lucha!

The Caravana43 is well on its way through the country, taking its different routes, making news in Spanish media as well as English. By the time they finish, they will have stopped in over 40 cities nationally.

This is a quick post giving you the rest of their calendar schedule for the three segments of the caravana: west going up California, central going through Texas and north, and east going up through New Orleans to the east. They will eventually all converge in New York City and Washington, DC.

Check out the places they are stopping at, and find out from the news where the Ayotzinapa contingent will be speaking along the way!

April  Schedule for Caravana43
But since I live in this outlier state called Texas, where lots has happened with the Caravana43 and which is of special interest for me, I give you the rest of our central schedule, in case anyone wants to follow its route:

April Schedule for Caravana43's Central Route

What should we do to keep up? Check out where the caravana will be, then go to any of the links for the Caravana43 to find out more, especially its main website, where you can find out the schedule for specific cities in either Spanish or English:

National Caravana43:
Caravana43Dallas (public group):

You can also check Adjunct Justice for the latest news. 

In the meantime, the folks from the Dallas For Ayotzinapa Coalition wish you the best, and if you have any concerns, just be sure you check us out at these links! 

The Dallas For Ayotzinapa Coalition wish María de Jesus Tlatempa the best on the rest of her journey with the Caravana43, at a goodbye dinner on our last day together. Omar García had already slipped away. 

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